Friday, April 28, 2017


Hope is something that gives you something to look forward to. Hope is kind of like motivation in a way because it helps you keep going. Everyone has a different idea of hope because people like different things. For example, music gives me hope because of the lyrics and the artist. I think that the story gets better if the artist had to struggle to get to where he is today. On the other hand someone else can think of hope as something that comes from there family and friends. Which I don't disagree with everyone has there own viewpoints and mindsets. I feel like stress and the fear to fail really threatens the hope that you could have. Because when you have failed before, which everyone has then it makes you afraid to try again. In my life of course my family and friends will always give me hope no matter what, but there not always gonna be there. So the main thing that will always be there for me is music. It helps me take my mind off of a lot of things that are going on in my life and lets me focus on what I am doing in the moment. Another thing is I find it really cool when the artist went through a struggle to get to where he is and has faced many challenges. It helps reassure me that anything is possible and whatever you want to do you can do it no matter what the circumstances are as long as you work hard. Or you just have to work harder than your biggest challenge, yourself.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Social Justice

It is important to value social justice, because if you don't value it there will be unfairness among groups in society. We live in a country that is suppose to treat everyone fairly and equally. However, this is not the reality in America today. For example, women make 70 cents to the dollar that men make. Also, prisons have an over representation of minority groups in jail. This issue is most important to me because I grew up in a diverse community of people that are from different minority groups. This concerns me because I notice that a lot of older people in my community end up in jail. This may be due to a criminal justice system that is corrupt. These are just a two of many examples of why it is important to value social justice. In order to solve a problem, one must first recognize that there is a problem to begin with. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize this issue or may not even see these injustices as issues.

In the ted talk " A prosecutor's vision for a better justice system" by Adam Foss he goes into detail about how people can find a better way to be a judge. Foss discussed that teenagers have a high percentage of committing a crime, and getting away with it. Foss talks about how the teenager does not really have a voice to speak up for them either. He also talks about how another huge factor that comes into play is the race card. Judges are more likely to have a different outcome on the situation or a different though process if the person on trial is either black or brown. Also how kids who live in poverty are more likely to co mite a crime like stealing something. This is very unfortunate because it takes away from their education and what they can become in the future.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


In the short story birthmark the narrator only had taking her birth mark off of her face on her mind for a while. Once she got surgery and removed it everything in her life seemed as if it had changed for the better. She now felt more comfortable talking to people and she got a husband. She refereed to it as red stain on her face. One day an accident occurred in her house that made a red wine stain on her face in the exact same spot. As she ran to the bathroom she stayed in there for about thirty minutes to an hour. Her husband was very worried and scared about what she was going to say when she came out. As she looked in the mirror she realized that the whole time she never really cared for the mark on her face. She realized that she had nothing to be ashamed of and that she should accept herself for what she looked like. As she came out of the bathroom she now knew what she wanted to do and which direction she wanted to go with her life. The reappearance of her birthmark made her realize that their was a beauty behind it that she wanted to no longer hide and was proud of.

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Better Way to Talk About Love

In the Ted Talk by Mandy Catron  " A Better Way to Talk About Love" from 2015, she explains that we should not instantly fall in love but rather take it slowly. Mandy talks about how when it comes to love we don't use the right type of vocabulary. We use words that we do not really understand the true meaning of. She also talked about how she stopped talking to a lot of her friends because they didn't understand her. Personally I agree with her because sometimes you have to do what is best for you. Even if that means you have to step away from the crowd and work on yourself for a bit. She also talked about her first boyfriend she had when she was 22. She went into detail about how she thought they were in love even though he had broken up with her.  It really hurt her  because she loved to spend time with him. Now that she looked back at it she feels foolish because she thought that she knew what the true meaning of love was when she really had no clue.

My reflection towards this Ted Talk is that I have a lot of mixed emotions towards it. I strongly disagree with her on the part that we do not know what love is when we first find someone. The reason is because during that time in your life you feel very close to that person and you want show your affection towards them. You should not look back at something in the future and regret it because you didn't know what you were doing. The bottom line is that everything happens for a reason but you can change the out come from the beginning.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The surprising science of happiness

In the Ted Talk by Dan Gilbert " The Surprising Science of Happiness" from 2004, he emphasizes the differences from natural happiness and real happiness. Dan Gilbert explains that synthetic happiness is the better option from the two because it helps you find a way to be happy with you have in your life at the moment. He demonstrates this by explaining an experiment that was conducted where there were two different group of students. In the experiment students in a photo class took pictures and they picked their two favorite, later on they were told they had to give up one of the pictures. The first group was told that once they gave up the picture they could never get it back. The second group was told once they gave it up they had four days if they wanted to reconsider.  The results were that the group that had the choice of swapping photos showed that all most everyone ended up changing their photo but the other group that couldn't change grew with that photo, enjoyed and loved it. He finished his Ted Talk by saying that we can achieve happiness only if we put limits to it.

What I learned from this Ted Talk, was that it is better to be content and grateful for with what we have. Because if we have more than one option we tend to over think things . Which causes us to end up with something we are not happy with.  We make decisions that put us in a worse place than before if we had never even made the decision.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Usually when people think about what makes them happy the first thing that might come up to mind are materialistic things. To me happiness is being surrounded by good people who never let you down and are always their for you. For example, family and friends if you surround yourself with good friends who understand you and not the ones who have a bad influence. Sure things like sports and video games make me happy but those are just in that moment, family and friends will always be there right by your side.  It is about the good memories you create with each other. So when you look back at them in the future together their will be nothing but pure laughter and joy in their hearts. It is very important to have happiness because life is to short to constantly be worried about the things that go on in our lives. Instead we could be using to make memories for ourselves. There really is no secret to finding happiness. Money cant buy happiness all the things that you buy are just materialistic and you cant hold on to them for ever. On the other hand things like friends and good memories you could. The way I think of it is if you have something that you are really passionate about then you should keep doing it for the rest of your life if it makes you happy. I feel as if many people are unhappy because the types of people they associate themselves with. If they have a negative impact on there life and they still talk to them then they are bound to be unhappy.